About Us

We are a team of young game developers founded by two FTC members from Romania.
Our goal is to grow in skills and resources. We are releasing a game based on the FTC season every year. In this moment we have two games, Rover Ruckus Simulator on Google Play and FTC Skystone game on both Google play and App Store. Any support will help us very much and will be greatly appreciated.

Our team

Alexandru Ojica
Programming and Co-founder

I found a passion in making games. It combines pretty well the programming and the creativity.

Catalin Burlacu
Programming and Co-founder

I started making games to learn something, and it fits me well because I really like programming.

Pavel Podbereschi

I am a huge fan of art, especially graphics, and that's why I chose to be a graphical designer at Motion Arts Studios

Maria Vicu

I like to draw, so I started making games with my friends. Graphic design plays a very important role in game development.

Alex Dupu
Sound Design

I have a passion for music and I found an interesting applicability for it here, at Motion Arts.

Stefan Porfir
Level Design

Attention to details and video-games are two of my main interests so Level design is the perfect fit, especially here at Motion Arts.

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